Know Me Inc Privacy Policy

Last updated April 4, 2016

Know Me Inc takes your privacy very seriously.

1. Your contact information

Know Me Inc collects your name and email address when you create an account so we can identify you if you contact us for support. We may contact you for account-related issues, like a password reset or important product changes.

Passwords are never stored on our servers. Instead, we use a modern secure password hash.

We also send out an email newsletter that you will be added to when you sign up for any Know Me Inc app. You can easily unsubscribe from this at the bottom of any of our newsletters you receive.

2. Your personal data

Information, including photos and video, that you add to Know Me Inc apps is saved to your iPad and to a cloud sync service. In future versions of the Know Me Inc apps, you may be able to invite other people to view and collaborate on your account. Your data is never shared with anyone that you do not explicitly invite to see it, including Know Me Inc employees.

Know Me Inc does not directly communicate with hospitals or other medical institutions for personal health-related data. Any such data added to the apps is added directly by the user, and as such Know Me Inc is not bound to HIPAA compliance.

If you would like to delete your Know Me Inc account and all data associated with it, please contact the Know Me team:

3. Your payment information

Payments are handled through the Apple App Store. Know Me Inc is never sent any of your credit card information. To cancel your Know Me subscription, follow these directions from Apple:

4. Future plans

We hope to be a sustainable enterprise well into the future, but we reserve the right to sell to, merge with, or partner with other businesses.

We may release new products that operate on new platforms (such as Android), or use other payment systems (such as Stripe).

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy and our terms of service.

Any such event will be communicated to you in advance, giving you the opportunity to delete your account and its data if you wish.